The Kona Church of God family would like to express their sincere appreciation to Pastor Keith and Susan for their many years of love and service to this congregation. Here are a few comments of special thanks.

I know God is first in Pastor Keith’s and Susan’s life. They live and breathe the Word of God. When they pray for me, when they counsel me, when they share Scriptures with me, I can trust them and know they are sharing what God would have me to hear. I am truly blessed by their many ministries, and by their life commitment. (Ann)

I thank you both for your prayers for me when I needed them the most. When my two dear ones went to glory, you both stood by my side. Also, when I was in the hospital you visited me and prayed with me. Thank you so much for your care, but most of all, for being my pastor. God bless you and your family. (Edita)

Pastor Keith, your consistency, perseverance, and commitment are a wonderful example for us. You care for your flock; your love and affirmation are so precious to us. The friendship and warmth at the Kona Church of God is unequalled to anywhere else we have been. You are forever our family! Susan, you are a loving, gracious, wise pastor’s wife. Your marriage is one to be studied by those needing inspiration. We dearly treasure your friendship. May God continue to use you to raise up more sheep for His Kingdom. With love and devotion. (Frank and Rosemary Miller)

Thank you, Pastor Keith, for being my friend. (Danny)

Thank you Pastor Keith and Susan for believing in me. When I’ve been down and out, you’ve renewed my spirit and given me inner-strength to believe. You are a blessing to me, my family, and this church. Thank you for blessing my life with your friendship. (Jan W.)

Thanks for being an inspiration to the Kona Community. You have been used of God to touch the lives of so many over the years. I hope that God blesses you with many more years. (James)

To all of the Elliott Family. Thank you for all you’ve been to Makana and me.
Your love is shown in many ways.
You’ve taken in many strays.
You preach the Word in truth and deed.
When we look at your lives, the Bible we read.
You open your house for all to come.
Your privacy is not number one.
Each of us look to you to guide
So one day we will become the bride
Of the One whom you serve with devotion and love.
And we’ll all be together one day up above
Praising our Lord and Savior Jesus for all He has done
Through your faithfulness to us everyone.
(Love, Jessie & Makana)

“Glory be to God in the highest.” To our pastor who is a pastor indeed. I thank the Lord for guiding my family here where God’s Word is acknowledged, proclaimed, and declared from the depths of the heart. I feel unity, relationship and fellowship, “Come, let us go to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us His ways, so that we may walk in His paths.” The law will go out from Zion....(Micah 4:2). Bless you. (John and Beverly and Family)

Pastor Keith, I thank and praise God for you and your family and your ministry! You are such a gifted and talented man of God. I enjoy working with you on committees and watching you work on projects for hours!! Diligently getting the job done. I thank God for bringing my family to Kona Church of God. I look forward to partnering with you and our church family in doing God’s will. Susan, you are my inspiration—always giving me a “fresh revival.” Paloma, you are a gem; Stephanie, you are the cheerleader; and, Emma, I wish I had your energy! Thanks to God, I have found a blessed church home! (Kathy Simmons)

May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you and your family in his care! (Kathy)

Thank you for being here for the long haul. In this instant world, it is amazing that we grew year after year. Thanks for helping Danny. He really loves and respects you. (Laura )

We thank God for the Elliott family, for their love for the church, their hard work, and the good times we have spent with them. May God bless them in the years to come. (Leonard and Jerrye)

The Lord placed me in this church almost ten years ago. Since that time, I have been thankful every day for this church. I wish that every mother could experience the peace that I enjoy seeing my son and his family putting God first in their lives. I always look forward to hearing the Word of God preached, and seeing the girls praising God on the worship team. Thanks to Susan for the many contributions she makes to her family and the family of God. I feel very blessed of the Lord today. (Lucille)

I can’t express to the Elliotts how wonderful you are. I know that it’s not always easy, but you love all of us. Here is a word for each of you.
Keith - tireless (relentless)
Susan - graceful
Paloma - purposeful
Stephanie - gentle
Emmaline - exuberant
You mean a great deal to our family and have made a significant difference in our lives. (Maile)

We are blessed to have a church family with the Elliotts. I have grown so close to Susan and Keith that I can honestly say that I love them and love visiting with them especially on Thursdays. They are always here for my family and especially me. I feel very comfortable hanging out and asking for sound advice. They have been soooo supportive of me and my business ventures that I just thank them for being a part of the change that will take place in each ones lives. God bless, and keep on teaching us the Word. Love. (Meda, Jarett, and Girls)

Thank you, Pastor Keith, for encouraging me in the Lord. You also helped me through the hard times, especially, when I was going through a divorce and trying to get my new business started. (Mike L.)

Thank you Jesus, for bringing the Elliott Family to Kona. Pastor Keith loves this town and lives for the Lord. (Mike W.)

"For the last 30 years, we have moved from place to place—first as members of the US Navy and then as teachers. Where ever we have been, we have tried to attend church. Unfortunately, in some of those places we attended because we knew it was the right thing to do—not because we really enjoyed it. We felt little warmth or growth. The members had been attending there for years and had their friendships already in place. The pastors knew who we were, and they were pleasant enough but never took the time to get to know us. Most people in those churches never even noticed when we left. There were times when we asked ourselves; why bother?
Because we have had those experiences we are all the more thankful to be in the Kona Church of God. From the beginning, we felt welcome. Pastor Keith and Susan took an immediate interest in our lives. We quickly made good friends with many in the congregation, and we would feel comfortable asking any one for prayer. We attend church because truly we enjoy it. We are learning and growing every week. You are more than people that we see on Sunday. You are our family, and we love all of you.
We feel that the difference between this and those other churches is the leadership. If it is the pastor’s priority that people feel welcome, they probably will. Our pastor and his family provide that leadership. We want to thank you for making us a part of this wonderful group of believers. We truly appreciate you!" (The Cheek Family)