I was born in Phoenix AZ. My grandparents pastored a church in Phoenix and my parents pastored a church in Mesa. I was destined to pastor!. My earliest memory is standing on the front steps on my grandfather’s church one night watering the church lawn. That moment was prophetic. My entire life has been spent bringing living water to people.

I graduated from Lee University where both my parents were professors. I earned my master’s degree from our denomination’s seminary. I did my internship in New York City. Part of my responsibilities were resettling political refugees from countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Romania. I attended language school in Guadalajara, Mexico and did missionary work in Hermosillo training pastors at our seminary there. I have also done missionary work in New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malasia.

In 1983, Susan and I began pastoring Kona Church of God. I remember so clearly looking out of the window of the airplane and seeing Kona for the first time. At that moment, God spoke to me and said, “you are home”. Susan and I love Kona and we are so thankful that God has called us to pastor Kona Church of God.

Our dream is to be used by God and witness people being transformed by the power of God's love. Psalm 3:3 says, “Oh Lord, you are a shield about me; my glory, and the LIFTER up of my head.” Through the years, Susan and I have seen God miraculously lift and restore people. I love the ministry because it gives me the opportunity to inspire.