Ever notice how many versions of the Bible there are? There's the
ASV (American Standard Version),
NRS (New Revised Standard Version), ESV (English Standard Version),
ISV (International Standard Version),
NIV (New Internation Version),
KJV (King James Version),
NKJ (New King James Version),
GNT (Good News Translation),
LIV (Living Bible),
MES (The Message Version), and a whole bunch more. We here at Kona Church of God thought it was time for us to start our own version of the Bible: CPL (The Church Pot Luck Version of the Bible)! The Church of God believes in the divine inspiration of the Bible. I believe some of the things I have eaten at church pot lucks were prepared by someone who was divinely inspired. We hope these recipes inspire you to bring your very best to your church pot lucks and enjoy abundant life with God’s family!


Pastor Keith’s Polynesian Potluck Purple Potatoes.